A D V E N T U R E S  O F  A

S U P E R N A T U R A L  C A R

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How does one come to be a supernatural car?

Well, let me tell you... it was quite the project.


My Backstory

When my new owners bought me it was a bit of a surprise for them. I was such a clean car even though I had been in a accident. I had landed on my side. That day wasn't pretty, but they knew I had potential. I didn't have an engine or transmission. But I did have potential so they started putting me together back in May of 2015.


Lots of elbow grease and time went in to make me pretty again. A shift kit assembly, installing a new transmission, the horn assembly because it was a bit of a drain, the shiny black engine, the swearing because headers are inherently evil... and those body repairs. Oh my Chuck. You'd never believe it. My accident had lain me out on my driver's side. Again, not a good day. But look at me now!